"We have had a very good experience with Buckeye. We did have some minor issues with the machine , which were handled in timely an very professional way .We understand that while dealing with machines you will sometimes have problems ,its a machine, what is important is having a company who is there for you to help you get back up and running as fast as possible. That is Buckeye . Randy was willing to do whatever it took to make us happy even if we wanted a full refund!!! Of course we don't we love are machine . If your looking for a good company this is the one."

S.P. -Dodson, LA 71422

​BC-2000 (BC-5) Review


After owning my own Roastery and being a professional roaster using the best equipment, I was apprehensive to buy a roaster without being able to touch it, see it, and use it.  I took a leap of faith on my BC2 after reading reviews, watching videos of it, and for the value of what features you get.
You will not be disappointed!  Most importantly, you will be able to roast outstanding coffees – likely better than most you can buy locally or elsewhere.  Unpacking the roaster revealed high quality and great fit and finish.  All the features are easy to use and control the progression of your roast while roasting.  It is quite responsive to gas and/or airflow changes.  The cooling fan is very powerful and cools my roast much faster than my professional machines did.  
Through the complete process of pre buying questions, order updates, and questions after receiving the roaster, Randy and BC Roasters has been responsive (usually within hours) and resolved all questions or concerns.
I highly recommend these roasters and the BC team.
Quinn S. Fort Collins, CO 3.15.20

"Ever since I decided to get into the coffee roasting business Randy has been extremely helpful. He helped me find the perfect roaster for my needs, the bc-2000. This roaster is great, it's the perfect size for my small business operation and works so well! I can really control my roasts. Coffee has never tasted this good. My customers love it. I got the gas model and it runs perfectly. Randy has been super fast at returning questions and emails and has sent the additional parts I've needed very quickly. I highly recommend buckeye to anyone who is considering roasting at home or commercially."


Abilene, TX

BC-2000 (BC-5) Review


"Hi Randy, finally we made some K-Cups for our customer today! Looks like we made the right choice to buy the AZ+ (automatic). Your videos definitely helped us to figure out the process."



"I was very pleased with the entire experience. Communication was good and consistent. Service was prompt and accommodating. Very happy and will always look to Randy and Buckeye first for our equipment needs that they can fill".

​Damon M.  -Sraddha Coffee - Ohio

"The long and short of it is I would eagerly choose the Sedona again and am looking forward to growing our business to the point that we need a newer, larger roaster from them"

​-Joe G.- Maryland, USA   -Sedona Elite 3200 LPG

"Randy has been helpful in making sure we have all of our questions answered before getting any equipment. When we bought the Sedona, he helped us make sure we had the right regulator, and setup for it. He sent links with how to install and run your first roast. We found this extremely helpful... I am thankful and have nothing but good things to say about Buckeye...So far we have really enjoyed the Sedona Elite 3200. It roasts very well, Big batches, and the quality of roast is easy to play around with. It is very user friendly and doesn't take much time to begin profiling on a roast."  Angel C- Washington DC

"Randy... We have 5 offerings that I make on the BC 2000 (BC-5)... I have only good things to say about about the roaster. In addition my customers love the coffee as much or even better than what I was buying from another local roaster who uses Probat 20lb. roaster"     Chad B - San Diego, CA

​-BC-2000 LPG

"Hi Randy,

Just thought I would let you know that I love the roaster. It's Amazing!"    Andy J.  Canada

-BC-1300 (BC-3)LPG Commercial Roaster

"Your way of doing business, at least from what I have seen thus far, has become rare in the U.S., yet much needed.

I appreciate you for this!" - M.C. Florida

​Sedona Elite 3200 Review

If you are not 100% satisfied please email Randy direct and he will do all he can to fix any concerns you may have

We value your privacy. We do not give out your email addresses or names and phone numbers without your consent. We know many customers are eager to read the reviews of actual clients using our equipment daily. Our customers deserve to be informed. Please help by providing a review. We will only use your initials and city and state in our posted reviews. And if you prefer not to reveal even that we will just write your quotes... We are all in the fresh roasted coffee business to provide the best in coffee... lets help make this industry the very best it can be!

"We Love our new roaster. We are roasting coffee like the pros. We went from a popcorn popper, to a 1/3 pound roaster to this GREAT piece of machinery. We love it!"  Greg S. Joplin, MO.

"Buckeye Coffee exceeded all my expectations from beginning to end. In the early stages when I was calling Buckeye- you were amazing at answering my questions, walking me through things and staying in contact with me all the way through the process. You answered or returned EVERY call! - G.S. Joplin, MO. USA

​Arizona 1.5 Electric

"Loving the Sedona Elite, been producing some amazing roasts with the machine"

-C.S. Avondale, AZ

If you are satisfied with the quality of service and quality products we have provided you can you please let us and others know?- ​If in some way we have not yet made you smile please contact us first so we can do things right by you as our goal is 100% satisfaction...


If you are not completely satisfied contact us right away. But if you are happy with the products and service provided please honor us with your customer review.

Buckeye Coffee BBB Business Review
Buckeye Coffee BBB Business Review

Our Company Policy: Make all our customers smile!
We work very hard to bring you the best products money can buy at a fair price. The freshest coffee. The most up to date equipment. Top-notch customer service. All guaranteed. If you don't smile then we want to do all we can to fix that.
It's that simple. It's our guarantee!

"Buckeye Coffee and the BC roaster has been an excellent addition to our coffee business. The BC roaster has worked flawless and produces a great product. Randy has always been available for questions and advise. He keeps us current on new information and supplies us a website that is unmatched in the industry. If you looking for a GREAT Coffee Roaster look no further than the lineup at Buckeye Coffee"

B.C. Tucson, AZ 

BC-2000 (BC-5) Review

i bought a 3kg roaster from u in 2017 i believe.  if you look at yelp and search coffeeville in watsonville you can see how its been. highest rated coffee house in california on yelp based on average review tied with first.  3 years running.   id sent you the UL letter i paid for after i had them come out and i hope u got it.  anyway i just want to reach out and be an example of results if it helps.  hope your well. maybe you want to link us as an example or i can help with a youtube on how to use? just feeling like small business needs to reach out if it can help eachother.  cheers. mike          https://www.coffeevilleusa.com

"Our company recently purchased a roaster from Buckeye Coffee and I wanted to take a few moments to provide a review of our experience. This purchase was a big step for our small startup and after a lot of time spent researching roasters we decided to go with Randy's product and couldn't be happier. The roaster is working perfectly and we have been receiving great feedback on the quality of the coffee it has produced. Randy has also been very responsive post purchase and that means a lot. We would highly recommend doing business with Buckeye Coffee if you are in the market for a roaster or any of their other products."  - TM- Mesa, AZ BC-2000 Review

"I recently purchased one of Randy's BC 2000 roasters. We are a coffee shop/bakery that has grown to the point to where roasting our own coffee just made sense. I did ALOT of homework on many different manufactures of roasters I even traveled around Ohio to talk to different people about the equipment they were using.that's when I first had a chance to see one of the BC roasters being used. I looked at many different models Ozturk,san Franciscan,Toper,Coffee Tech,Probat Burns and diedrich. All these roasters had less features not any better build quality for more than TWICE the price! Do not waste your money buying a big brand name roaster. Last but not least you will not get better customer service from anyone!! I can call Randy's home phone anytime I need help or have any questions. Randy keep up the good work you are going to help a lot of people join in on the fun world of micro roasting."

-B.W.- Mansfield, Ohio

-BC-2000 (BC-5)REVIEW

Meet 9 Year Old Ms Coffey!

​She is the expert RoastMaster with dad and Grandpa helping out. She Roasts Coffee, Grinds Coffee and makes Fresh Roasted K Style Cups!




"I LOVE MY ROASTER" - Mike with GYPSY JAVA in Alaska

MY BC-7: (now  BC-8)
Wanted to take a minute to check in and let you know how pleased I am with the roaster I purchased in March. My original plan was to buy a larger capacity machine but the output of the BC7 proved it was a good choice. I roast 8 pounds at a time which nets me about 6.5 and can do one roast after another, pausing long enough to empty the chaff. I don't use a computer set up but was able to establish profiles quickly...great consistency. My propane cost adds about 7 cents a pound and the electrical is minor...very efficient. In just over 5 months I have put 4,000 pounds of green beans through the system...2 tons! I was amazed it had been this much since the company consists of just me but this machine is allowing me to expand as I wish. I am in the process of finishing up a new building to house the roaster and production facility and will forward you some pictures when completed.  Maine

3 years ago I purchased a small coffee farm south of Kona, HI., call Grant's Heavenly Grounds and have been growing and harvesting Kona Coffee since. I recently ventured into doing my own roasting and spent many months researching coffee roasters. I settled on buying a Buckeye Coffee BC-5 gas roaster and had the pleasure to work closely with Randy at Buckeye coffee. He is a wonderful resource, very helpful and responsive, and extremely knowledgeable. Just what I needed as a novice roaster. Randy made the entire process so seamless and easy. As for the roaster, it arrived directly from the factory very securely crated, had an amazing high quality finish, and was easy to set up and start roasting. The control panel gauges, manual air flow damper valve, and LPG control were highly sensitive and responsive. I was able to connect my MacBook with the Artisan roasting software seamlessly and meticulously track each roast profile. The first day I completed eight 5 pound roasts without any issues. Extremely pleased with my decision to go with the BC-5 based on value, performance, and the support that Randy provides starting with my pre-purchase due diligence, through shipping and delivery, and ongoing after purchase support. His comprehensive website with all kinds of roaster related information is very unique and invaluable. I highly recommend Buckeye Roasters. H.W. HAWAII 1.2.21